About Coracle Limited

In late 2004, Coracle Limited was formed to ensure the reliable distribution and management of specialist, professional and commercial software titles. This began with Time Splitter Audio, and was followed shortly afterward by Time Splitter Video.

Time Splitter has been further developed with various enhancements, including the completion of a Windows version and the addition of 'markers'.

Our clients, who range from media professionals to the most respected and leading law enforcement and forensic agencies, enjoy the fastest possible quality care and attention. We pride ourselves on a prompt and effective service.

During 2005, we have been working with our developers and clients to create new tools and applications that save professional time. Padlock OSX was released and rapidly became our most popular title.

If you would like to discuss our products or services, or you would like more information on our software distribution, please use our contact form.


OISV - Organization of Independent Software Vendors - Contributing Member

Coracle Limited is registered in England, number 5286167.



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