Time Splitter Video

Version 1.1.5

Time Splitter Video is a time code solution designed for professionals involved in video management.

Time Splitter Video allows a video file to be rapidly split into exact time seperated files. New features in Time Splitter Video now allow custom markers to determine where files are to be split.

When the seperated files are burned to a CD or DVD, the resulting CD tracks allow the user to instantly access a particular unit of time within the video file.

Time Splitter Video is designed for ease of use, and includes a preview function, customisable export file names, and a user defined time split definition.

Compatible video files include all those supported by Apple Quicktime. The files are almost instantly exported to umiversal Quicktime file format for easy access and burning.


Insert custom markers start and end times, edit the times, save a marker list. End times can overlap other markers start times if needed.

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  • All latest versions of Time Splitter Video are available as free updates for registered users.
  • When unregistered, Time Splitter Video runs in restricted demo mode and will expire after 14 days.
  • To install Time Splitter Video, double click the downloaded .zip file to get the .dmg virtual disk file, then mount it as a virtual disk on your desktop, though depending on your settings, this may all happen automatically. The newly mounted disk contains the installer that when run will install theTime Splitter Video Folder to your Applications folder. The virtual disk will be disposed of when you next shut down your Mac but you may unmount by dragging its icon to the Trash or ejected it.
  • Release notes are included within the application, please read them.
  • Time Splitter is fully compatible with PPC and Intel processors running Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger.



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